About Us

Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for simple car repair when many standard repairs can be done by you?

Most of us have been forced to visit a mechanic for vehicle repair, annual servicing or minor tweaking. And often, hundreds of dollars have been exchanged in one direction: from you to the mechanic.

But what if we were to tell you that most simple repairs can be done by you? After you perform a simple repair you will be kicking yourself for all those times when you got the mechanic to do a job you’ve just done in an hour or so.

Relying on a garage to fix your vehicle means you have to get public transport and wait – often more than a couple of days – to get your vehicle back to work. From time to time, we can be on a long journey and breakdown in the middle of nowhere, with no workshop repair garage nearby – but if you have a smartphone there is a simple fix, allowing you to perform a simple repair, for a fraction of the cost of being towed and repaired by mechanics.

Downloading a manual from the InstantManual.net allows you to become the wizard of your vehicle and you’ll no longer be a slave to the soaring costs of standard vehicle repair. A few simple instructions are given and soon you’ll be back on your way again.

About Us: InstantManual.net

We have provided thousands of customers with trouble-free, quick-fix repair going back over the last five years. When your vehicle goes awry, we are well aware of the pain it can cause and the inconvenience too. We share your pain. So we came up with a solution to fix this agony that comes as a double whammy: in the breakdown itself and then the cost of repair after.

What Is Our Solution?

To provide you with the Factory Workshop Service Repair Manual for your vehicle. It covers everything from simple changing of a spark plug to more complex engine retuning. Everything you need to know about repair is in here.

The manuals go beyond standard and complex repair, it will inform you on essential maintenance, rebuilding or vehicle restoration too.

So How Can I Get A Manual?

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC (any smart device) the manuals will arrive in an email. As soon as payment is made, the email (with download link attached) arrives into your inbox.

This is not some second rate scan of a paper manual but a high quality file. We provide you the very best manuals used by technicians at the dealership to maintain, service, diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Once you have the professional manual in your device you can choose to print out the pages you wish, depending on which area you need to work on.

Why InstantManual?

Quite simply, we have come up with the best manual for your vehicle which you cannot get from anywhere else. There is no waiting, no wasting hard-earned cash at the vehicle repair workshop and you get to save time too.

Why should you keep relying on technicians and mechanics when so much of your simple repairs can be done by you and some level of patience? We exist within a world of smartphones, technology, easy access to information and science – so why are we not availing ourselves to it? You will get to know your vehicle intimately and be able to repair many small faults without even referring to the manual after a while, but it’s always good to know you have a manual that acts as a quality service manual specific to your vehicle.

Why Is InstantManual.net Better Than The Rest?

This is the only website which covers all vehicles, regardless of model or make. You need only FIND your vehicle, PRINT it out and USE it. Searching for your vehicle is easy as it takes one simple click within the website to discover the vehicle you own and want to repair.
Most online manuals are specific for certain computers. Some work only on an iPad or Apple products, others work only for Android. However, at InstantManual.net ours are compatible with all versions of Windows, all smartphones and Apple devices too. The manuals have simple instructions, hundreds of images, easy to understand diagrams throughout and plain English instruction. No technical jargon here.

We also provide you the life time guarantee which you will not get anywhere else!

You can never mislay or lose your files because we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you ever lose your service manual just contact our team and we will send you the service manual within 24 hours free of charge.